Air Filtration

View: Air Compressor Filters

Air Compressor Filters

Clean, Trouble-Free Compressed Air. Rid your compressed air system of problem-causing oil aerosols, dirt and pipe scale with our Air filters. With a variety of models for flows from 15 to 20,000 scfm (at 100 psig) and 10 element grades to remove oil, oil vapors or particulates.

View: Air Intake Filters

Air Intake Filters

We provide air or gas filter elements or cartridges to interchange with over 100 different filter manufacturers and have a cross reference list of over 8,000 different competitor part numbers. We also supply industrial filter housings to replace your OEM brand or to meet your specifications.

View: Dust Collector Filters

Dust Collector Filters

MAXIMUM FILTRATION FOR INDUSTRIAL DUST COLLECTION. Turn to Trumpler-Clancy for innovative solutions in environmental dust collection. We supply the broadest line of premium,OEM-specified filters for use in nearly any industrial application, including powder coating, chemical processing, food production,paper manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, power generation, welding and plasma cutting, and more.

View: Gas Turbine Air Filters

Gas Turbine Air Filters

Cartridge or panel style, durable Turbo Pulse GT filters with ProTura nanofibers keep your turbine systems operating at peak efficiency in the harshest environments

View: HVAC Filters

HVAC Filters

Pleated Filters, Throw-Away's, Fiberglass Pads, Roll Media, Paint Arrestor Pads, Synthetic Pads and Liners, as well as HEPA Filters.

View: Vent Mist Eliminators

Vent Mist Eliminators

Removes visible oil vapor in air streams of vents from lubricating oil systems. We have coalescers only and coalescers with blower and silencer. Eliminate oil mist with 99.9% efficiency.