Gas Turbine Air Filters

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High Efficiency Gas Turbine Air Filters


Cartridge or panel style, durable Turbo Pulse GT filters with ProTura nanofibers keep your turbine systems operating at peak efficiency in the harshest environments.They block out dust, pollen, sand and salt, providing the highest efficiencies and lowest delta P inpulse-jet or non-pulsing barrier systems.

Turbo Pulse GT filters reduce pressure drop to increase turbine output and extend service life.
Also available in cellulose and polyester blend and 100%syntheticmedia, Turbo Pulse
filters with ProTura technology feature:

• Moisture-resistant nanofibersand highest MERV 15 rating in the industry
• Heavy-duty, high-strength construction
• Galvanized helix expanded or stainless steel expanded liners
• Galvanized or stainless endcaps