Filter Presses







Evoqua J-Press® Filter Press

The J-Press® sidebar and overhead filter presses are among the most efficient, widely used liquid/solids filtration and separation equipment in the market today.  The J-Press® filter press is equipped with either chamber or diaphragm (membrane) squeeze plates and is a very cost effective method for producing high solids filter cake, along with an extremely high degree of clarity in the liquid effluent. 
With capacities ranging from 0.1 ft3  (3L) to 500 ft3  (14m3), there is a J-Press filter press solution for your application.



Evoqua Large Capacity Presses

  • Available in 4 frame sizes from 1200mm to 2000mm made of heavy duty carbon steel plate and sheet, sandblasted and finished for maximum service life.
  • In order to optimize application performance, the J-Press is available in 2 standard operating pressures of 100 psig (7 bar) and 225 psig (16 bar)and cake holding capacities from 50 (1.42 m3) to 600 ft3 (16.99 m3) –Self-compensating electric/hydraulic closure system is standard to minimize labor requirements
  • All process connections come pre-piped for plug-and-play installation (dependent on size, options selected and shipping restrictions).
  • All filter plate wetted parts are polypropylene with PVC, carbon steel or stainless steel piping manifold for maximum corrosion resistance.


 J-Mate Continuous Dryer 



The J-Mate® Continuous Dryer, a JWI™ product, reduces disposal costs by removing moisture from dewatered cake. It is designed to be used for second stage volume and weight reduction downstream from a J-Press® filter press or other dewatering systems.


The J-Press filter press, a JWI product, reduces 80 barrels of metal hydroxide sludge to 4 barrels of cake. While this is a substantial reduction, greater savings are realized with the addition of the J-Mate dryer. Since 60% to 80% of the filter cake is moisture, the J-Mate Dryer can further reduce 4 barrels of filter cake to 1 barrel of dried material for easier, less costly disposal.

Cake from the J-Press filter press is loaded into the continuous J-Mate Dryer receiving hopper using one of several material handling options or directly into a special mobile dumpster.