Treatment Systems



Module 15 GPM Treatment System

The Module 1500 is a fully automatic, continuous flow wastewater treatment system that handles 10-15 gpm.
The compact Module 1500 requires only 10 x 18 feet of floor space.



Module 20 GPM Treatment System

Module 2000 is a fully automatic, continuous flow system capable of treating 20 gpm.
The standard system requires only 16 x 20 feet of floor space, and it features the latest advancements
in wastewater treatment technology, including the most advanced controls on the market today.



Module 60 GPM Treatment System

The Module 6000 wastewater treatment system offers fully automatic operation and handles up to 60 gpm,
although it requires only 15 x 28 feet of floor space. Controlled by DMP's most advanced control center,
the E-Controller/10, the Module 6000 represents the state-of-the-art in automated treatment today.