Coolant: cellulose/PET blends, PP and composite media

Press pads: for plate and frame press filters, made of multiple layers of cloth and paper

Hydraulic: cellulose/synthetic blends or composites for heavy duty hydraulic applications (transmissions, aircrafts, etc.)

EDM: Electron Discharge Machining. Cellulose/synthetic blends or composites with high resistance and long life.

Hollytex®: Ahlstrom’s full range of calendered nonwovens for use in membrane support applications. These products are manufactured to provide consistent thickness profile, superior fiber laydown, uniform porosity and superior tensile strength for demanding membrane support applications.

Reliance® & Verigood®: Chemically inert and additive-free absorbent blotters ideal for a variety of applications where uniformity and superior quality are essential. Uniform dissipation of heat and compression. Ideal for printing, embossing, foil stamping and die cutting