Coolant Filtration

View: Bag Filters

Bag Filters

Bag Filter Systems work excellent in coolant applications. Providing a low cost, quick easy solution for removing swarf and other particles in your coolant systems. Bag Filters can be installed either in-line or off to the side recirculating your coolant tank.

View: Gravity Bed Filters

Gravity Bed Filters

Filter fine swarf or chips from Machine Tool Coolants on Grinders, Tube Mills, Rolling Mills, Saws & Hones. Filter Water from Deburring and Finishing machines. Can Handle Flow rates from 1 - 450 GPM. Automatically indexes filter media.

View: Roll Media

Roll Media

We carry supply over 17 different grades of filter fabrics specifically developed for filtration of industrial liquids. Fabric rolls are offered in 12 standard widths, 10 lengths and 17 grades, with over 200 possible combination's. Rolls can be cut to exact specifications for foreign and domestic filters.

View: GS-200 Hilco Coolant Recycler

GS-200 Hilco Coolant Recycler

The GS-200 is a Highly Efficient Oil Removal system that does Not Affect the Coolant Chemistry. It reduces Coolant Purchases and Disposal Costs. Can be run in On-Line Operation and will help Improve Parts Finishing while extending Tool Life. The GS-200 will reduce Coolant Fouling and Odors, as well being Portable and simple to Operate.

View: Ceramic Membrane -Oil Removal

Ceramic Membrane -Oil Removal

The Hilco ceramic membrane system is an ideal way to lower your oily-water waste disposal costs. The filtration system utilizes high-velocity fluid crossflow across the face of the membrane. The oil-free water passes through the ceramic membrane while the oily waste is concentrated in a process reservoir. Depending on the particular waste stream disposal, volumes can be reduced as much as 20x. The system is designed to accept three different micron-rated membranes (0.2 μm, 0.01μm, and 0.005 μm) in order to meet all specific local discharge ordinances.

View: Central Coolant Recovery System

Central Coolant Recovery System

Central Coolant Recovery Systems that are fully automated batch or central processing system capable of recovery of multiple brands of coolants and from various sources.