View: Air Filtration

Air Filtration

Pleated Panel Filters, Synthetic Media pads, Fiberglass Throwaways, HEPA filters, Air Intake filters, Compressed Air filters and much more.

View: Bag Filtration

Bag Filtration

Liquid Bag Filter elements, including Felt Bags, Mesh Bags, Teflon Bags, High Efficiency bags and much more. Also Bag Filter Housings and Assemblies made of 304, 316, Carbon Steel, Aluminum, CPVC, PVDF. ASME code and Non-Code vessels.

View: Cartridge  Filtration

Cartridge Filtration

Liquid Filter Cartridges - Includes 100% FDA Grade Melt Blown polypropylene Depth filters, String Wound filters, Nylon Depth Filters, Resin Bonded Depth Filters, Carbon Filters, Pleated Filters made of Polypropylene, Nylon, Polyethersulfone, Teflon, Cellulose and Polyester. Nominal and Absolute Rated Membranes.

View: Coolant Filtration

Coolant Filtration

Gravity Bed Filters - Automatic indexing Filters - ROLL MEDIA - Centrifuge Systems - Liquid/Liquid/Solid separation, manual and automatic; as well as Bag Filters - For Low cost and easy quick removal of solids.

View: Gas Filtration

Gas Filtration

High Purity Gas Filters Available in Ceramic, Nickel, Hastelloy, and Stainless Steel. Used in the Semiconductor Industry, Gas Cabinets,Valve Manifold Boxes Process Tool Gas Panels, and Specialty Gas Mixing

View: Oil Filtration

Oil Filtration

Hydraulic Filters, Lube Oil Filters, Spin-On Filters, Pleated Paper/Synthetic Elements, Water Absorbing Filters, Filter Housings, Duplex, Portable Filters, Oil Reclamation Systems, Zero Leakage Transfer Valves, Split Transfer Valves, Oil Mist Eliminators, and Oil Coalescing Filters.

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Simplex strainers, Duplex strainers, Self-Cleaning strainers. Materials of construction can be: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, CPVC Strainers, PVC Strainers, and even Teflon Coated Strainers. Also available are custom metal strainer baskets.