Inks and Coatings


Ink Jet Inks

Ink jet inks are manufactured in a variety of formulations. Some of the main variantsinclude the carrier fluid aqueous or solvent based as well as the colorant itself -pigment or dye based. Cleanliness of the ink is required to avoid plugging of the print head or nozzle to ensure printer performance and longevity.

Manufacturers of pigment based inks are seeking filtration that achieves highly selective (classifying) particulate removal. These filters must remove oversized pigments, gels, agglomerates and other contaminant, while allowing the desirable sized pigments to pass through the filter and remain in solution. For this application Trumpler-Clancy, Inc. recommends multi stage filtration with absolute rated QXL Series filters.


QXL Pleated Depth Media

For dye based inks, the colorant is actually dissolved in the solution and so the goal of filtration is to remove gelatinous residues, insoluble dyes and other contaminant. In this case two stage filtration is recommended with a 0.5 micron absolute QXL Series filter selected as the prefilter followed by a 0.2 micron absolute rated WaterTec as a final filter.


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Coatings encompass a variety of solutions including paints, oils, varnishes and lacquers. These fluids may be very thin and low-viscosity in nature, to very thick, thixotropic liquids (viscosity reduces when flow/force or shear is applied) and come in a wide range of percent solids. Proper filtration selection requires a clear understanding of the nature of the formulation including the carrier fluid, the pigment characteristics (type, shape, size and flexibility), the resulting fluid bproperties (percent solids, viscosity and rheological (flow) properties), as well as the quality requirements for the coating itself.

At Trumpler-Clancy, we carry a wide variety of filters to handle the vast challenges of paint and coatings filter applications. Examples of the filters we provide for this are:

  • Single layer Polyester and Polypropylene Felt Bags
  • Mono and Multi-Filament mesh bags
  • Absolute Rated Filter Bags
  • QXL - Pleated Depth Media Cartridge
  • Resin Bonded cartridges for high visocity applications


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