Oil Filtration

View: Hydraulic Elements

Hydraulic Elements

We supply interchangeable replacement filter elements for over 200 domestic and foreign manufacturers, private labeled original equipment (OEM) elements as well as custom filter elements. We can supply replacement hydraulic filter elements as well as filter housings, both in high and low pressure applications.

View: Hilco Oil Filter Elements

Hilco Oil Filter Elements

Hilco Pleated paper, Polyester or Microglass elements. We supply Hilco Cartridges designed for acid reduction, removing water from oil, or just standard particulate removal. Media grades in -01, -02, 03, -05, -10, -20

View: Portable Systems

Portable Systems

Portable Oil Filter Systems, Available in two models (3.5 GPM or 10 GPM) Uses standard 718 pleated cartridges for particulate, water or acid removal for almost any oil application.

View: Duplex/Simplex Filter Housings

Duplex/Simplex Filter Housings

Duplex and Simplex filter housings along with zero-leakage Transfer Valves for most any flow rate or pressure requirements you may have. ASME Code vessels available in Carbon and Stainless Steel.

View: Oil Reclaimation Systems

Oil Reclaimation Systems

Oil Reclamation Systems to reclaim contaminated oil. Simple to operate. Greatly decreases costs for waste disposal and purchase of new fluids.

View: Vent Mist Eliminators

Vent Mist Eliminators

Removes visible oil vapor in air streams of vents from lubricating oil systems. We have coalescers only and coalescers with blower and silencer. Eliminate oil mist with 99.9% efficiency.