Membrane Elements For the Pharmaceutical Industry

Designed to meet the highest levels of strictly enforced quality within the pharmaceutical industry, the OSMO PHARMA Series of membrane elements provides USP purified water for pharmaceutical and health-care water applications.

Sanitary confidence is a fundamental prerequisite for sensitive applications. OSMO PHARMA membrane
elements are equipped with GE Osmonics’ innovative Full-Fit™ outer wrap (see below) and a 316L stainless steel permeate tube. In addition, OSMO PHARMA elements are NSF Standard 61 certified and pass USP Class VI 121 C Tests.

OSMO PHARMA-8 and OSMO PHARMA-4 membrane elements provide high sodium chloride rejection and high flux with a low operating pressure at 200 psig. The unique ability to combine high performance with a low energy requirement makes OSMO PHARMA the element of choice for maximum efficiency.


Fetaures and Benefits:

  • Durable Construction
  • Dependability
  • 100% Wet Test Quality Assurance
  • Energy Saving Full-Fit Design
  • NSF Standard 61 Compliance
  • Pass USP Class VI 121 C Tests