Wastewater Treatment



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Treatment Systems

Turn-Key Continuous Flow systems for 10, 20, and 60 GPM on up to 200 GPM. Batch Treatment systems capable of batches 1000 - 10,000 gallons. Advanced Control centers that handle all flows and reactions.

Filter Presses

Evoqua Side Bar Press, Overhead Press, Belt Press, and the new J-VAP Press for up to 90% Dry Solids. Volume capacity of presses available are from 0.5 ft to 600 ft Manual, Semi, or Fully Automatic.

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Filter Press Equipment

We supply Filter Plates, Filter Cloths, Filter Paper. Filter Plates are also available in Polypropylene or Metal. Gasketed or non-gasketed, membrane or plate/frame style. As an Evoqua representaive here in NY, we can also provide JWI customers with replacement parts for their exisiting presses or plate/frame style.

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Ceramic Membranes

Lower your oily-water waste disposal costs. Our Ceramic filtration system utilizes high-velocity fluid crossflow across the face of the membrane. The oil-free water passes through the ceramic membrane while the oily waste is concentrated in a process reservoir. Depending on the particular waste stream disposal, volumes can be reduced as much as 20x.